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New developments in web design have transformed the way that North East businesses working in global markets are able to optimise the opportunities to attract and convert new international clients.

There are a growing number of powerful and effective web design and development techniques that are helping businesses stay ahead of the competition in international markets.

Indigo Multimedia specialises in working with North East businesses that trade internationally, and the knowledgeable, friendly team has guided many clients through digital transformation exercises that have delivered tangible results, such as Emtelle UK Ltd.

“A leading European Telco which works in 50 countries and turns over €62BN was looking for a new supplier. They found Emtelle along with our competitors via Google, carried out a full audit using the websites before even contacting potential suppliers, and on the strength of the website Emtelle was shortlisted and has actually become the supplier of PVC ducts for the company.”

Laila Pederson, Project Manager, Emtelle UK Ltd

So what are some key elements of an internationally optimised web presence?

International Persona Pathways

Customer-centred design is at the heart of conversion rate optimisation. Through careful consideration of who the customer is, what they want, and their barriers and psychological triggers, we can start to imagine a ‘perfect’ website pathway for that particular persona, which will lead to a goal conversion. Indigo has developed a very effective process for building persona profiles, and has a particular expertise in co-creating these with clients. We understand that many successful companies have limited time for self-reflection and strategic team planning. We also understand how to make it happen in a way that harnesses and calibrates internal knowledge. When thinking about international personas it is particularly important to consider country-specific cultural, ethical and social ideologies that might effect procurement decisions.

Geo-targeting and language switching

Your company website can be developed to incorporate IP recognition so that it automatically detects the country of origin of the visitor and loads a perfectly optimised and translated landing page containing targeted messaging. This vital first impression is all too often damaged by neglecting the basics of customer-centred design. For some clients, Indigo has developed a geo-targeted suite of mini sites which cater to particularly important territories.

Using Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Indigo has worked on numerous international projects with high volumes of traffic. In such cases we use CDN to ensure peak website performance in different countries around the world. Often these projects are ecommerce based where ultimate performance is imperative.

Personalisation and Adaptive Behavioural Marketing

The ultimate goal of customer-centred design is to provide benefits to the end user that genuinely improve their experience and convince them to become a customer. There are many personalisation technologies available which fulfil an incredibly sophisticated Marketing function. At Indigo we advise a simple starting point such as adding data sources to user profiles (referrer, campaign data etc), then introducing website behaviour patterns which can progress to offline data. Device tailoring is essential to ensure that every user journey is created equal, yet different. Benchmarking through analysing live and historical data can contribute to subtle but meaningful improvements to messaging, taxonomy and imagery. Personalised web analytics can reveal actionable insights into individual prospects, such as:

  • Prospect’s personal preferences and current product interests
  • Where prospects stand in the decision-making cycle
  • When they are most susceptible to being persuaded or converted
  • When timely action must be taken to retain them
  • Which products/offers will be seen as most relevant and persuasive

These insights can be transformed into target marketing initiatives at every stage of the customer life cycle.

These are just some of the techniques available to improve the international performance of your business website. Indigo is a forward thinking digital agency with over 20 years’ experience working with North East businesses. More than just a web design agency, we can provide all the advice and support you need to ensure your online presence is working hard and returning results.

For a discussion about your specific requirements contact Caroline Greener, Marketing and Social Media Specialist on 0191 209 2100 or

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